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Terms and Conditions

• Identification
Company name   CBFC
Brands   JamalParis
Legal status and capital   SARL
Manager last name   JAPHET
Manager first name   Chantal
Head office   10 rue du docteur Leroy
Zip code   72000
City   Le Mans
Country   France
Offices / sales premises   10 rue du docteur Leroy 72 000 Le Mans
Phone   06 41 10 40 59
Opening hours   9h 12H 14H 18H
Intracommunity VAT No.   FR3748775419400016
Siret No.   487 754 194 00032
APE/NAF code   4775Z
Hébergeur du site   Doyousoft
17 Place Pierre Sémard
34500 Béziers
Directeur de publication   Chantal JAPHET
General terms and conditions

Corporate Name
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Mentions legales du tableau de bord
Legal status and share capital
Person in charge’s nameJaphet
Person in charge’s first name
Head office
10 rue du docteur Leroy
Zip Code
Le Mans
 Office / Premises 10 rue du docteur Leroy 72 000 Le Mans
 0781 695956
 Opening hours 9h-12H 14H-18H
 Community VAT FR3748775419400016
 Siret 487 754 194 00032
 APE business identifier codes/NAF 4775Z
 Publication’s director
 Chantal JAPHET
 Site host Doyousoft
17 Place Pierre Sémard
34500 Béziers

These terms and conditions are concluded by, in one hand, the company CBFC which share capital is up to 61070€ and which head office is located at 10 rue du Docteur Leroy 72000 registered in the Le Mans Trade and Companies Register under the 794 741 223 named “CBFC” and, on the other hand, any natural or legal person willing to proceed to a sale via “CBFC” website named the “purchaser”.


These terms and conditions aim to define the contractual relationships between CBFC and the purchaser and the conditions applicable to any sale done via CBFC retail website, whether the purchaser is a professional person or a consumer.
The purchase of a product via this website implies a clear acceptation by the purchaser of these terms and conditions.
These terms and conditions are only applied to the online purchasing of the products and on CFBC retail website.

CBFC reserves the right to modify its terms and conditions at any time. In this case, the applicable conditions will be the ones that are operative the day of the purchase.

Characteristics and availability of the products

The offered products are the ones which are present in the catalogue published in CBFC website. These products are only offered within the limit of available product stock.
If the products are unavailable after the purchaser’s order, he will be informed as soon as possible. He will then have the choice to modify its order or to cancel it, so he will be refunded within 14 days after his claim.
The photographs on the catalogue are as close to reality as possible but they cannot guarantee an exact correspondence with the offered product.


The online selling of the offered products in the website is reserved to purchasers residing in metropolitan France.
The prices shown in the catalogue include all charges, taking account of the VAT applicable the day of the purchase. Any change on the VAT could have an influence on the products’ prices.
CBFC reserves the right to modify its prices anytime; nevertheless the price on the catalogue the day of the purchase will be the only one the purchaser will have to pay for.
Potential promotional offers are valid in the period of time announced on the website.
The shown prices do not include the treatment and transport fees. However, if the order reaches 52€, the treatment and transport fees are offered.

The purchaser willing to buy a product must:

-    Fill in an identification form, indicating all the requested details or create an account where he will have to complete his title, his name, his first name, his email address and his password.

-    Fill in the online order form giving all the references of the products
-    Confirm his order after having checked it
-    Pay for the products in the forecast conditions
-    Confirm his order and its payment 

The validation of the order leads to the acceptation of these terms and conditions, the acknowledgement to be perfectly aware of them and the the renunciation to his own terms of purchase or other conditions.


In accordance with the Consumer Code’s rules, the purchaser has a cancellation period of 14 days from the products’ reception to exercise his right of withdrawal without having to justify the causes or to pay a penalty.
In case of a failure of the product to meet the requirement of the order or in case of a delivery of a product having a hidden defect, CBFC commits, according to the purchaser’s will, whether to exchange the product with a similar one or with an equal quality and price within the limit of available product stock whether the product’s price within 14 days after the purchaser’s claim.

The redelivered products must be in their original state and complete (packaging, accessories, manual). In this context, the purchaser is in charge of the redelivery. If the product received any damage during this process, it can lead to the failure of the withdrawal right. The return costs are the responsibility of the buyer.
In case of withdrawal, CBFC will proceed to the refund of the paid amounts within 14 days after the request and via the same mean of payment used during the purchase.
If the total amount of the redelivered products lowers the price of the initial order under the threshold freeing the transport fees, these fees will then be deducted from the amount of your refund.

Payment method

The order’s payment is carried out online on the website via a credit card (Blue Card, Visa, Mastercard). If the purchaser wants to buy one or several products on the website, he must state in the zones made for this purpose: the credit card number, the expiration date as well as the control code located at the back of his credit card. The whole order’s price will be charged to the purchaser’s credit card the day of the order.
CBFC reserves the right to suspend any order management and any delivery for non-payment or unwillingness or inability to pay by the buyer’s credit card on behalf of the officially accredited organizations or usual on internet.
CBFC reserves the possibility de refuse or to honor an order from a buyer who would not have paid the whole or a part of the amount of a previous order and with whom a payment dispute would still subsist.
CBFC cannot be responsible of any malfeasance or fraudulent use of any mean of payment which would not have been detected by the verification procedure. The purchaser guarantees CBFC that he has the needed authorizations to use the mean of payment he would have chosen for his order.
Any fraudulent use of a credit card would not lead to a refund by CBFC. As long as an order has not been settled, the product(s) are still CBFC’s property.
At the buyer’s request, a sales receipt showing the VAT can be send.


Deliveries can only be done in the metropolitan France. The deliveries are done at the address indicated on the online order which can only be in metropolitan France. The purchaser is responsible for any risk from the time the product left CBFC’s premises. In case of any damage during the transport, the consumer must protest directly to the carrier within three days after the delivery. If the protest is not done in time, the order will be supposed to be delivered in good condition and no ulterior contestation could be done.
Deliveries deadlines are only giver as an indication. If it exceeds thirty days from the day of the order, the sales contract could be cancelled and the buyer would be refunded.   


CBFC shall not be liable for any indirect damages following the purchase of the products.
CBFC shall not be liable for the non-execution of an order in case of stock out or unavailability of the products in case of force majeure as defined by the jurisprudence and the French jurisdictions.
Similarly, CBFC shall not be liable, as defined by the obligations of these terms and conditions for any damage resulting of the use of an Internet network, such as computer virus, intrusion, loss of data or interruption of the Internet services.

Intellectual property

All elements from CBFC website are and will be CBFC’s intellectual and exclusive property.
Nobody is allowed to replicate, exploit, rebroadcast or use for any reason, even partly, any element of this website, whether they are software, visuals or sounds.
Any link or hyperlink is strictly forbidden without a signed agreement by CBFC.
The marks mentioned in the website are trademarks, protected and CBFC exclusive property.

Personal data

In accordance with the law dated January 6th 1978, pertaining to informatics, files and freedoms, the personal data about the purchasers could be processed automatically.
CBFC reserves the right to collect data about the purchasers including using cookies and, if it wants to, to pass the collected information to trading partners.
Buyers can oppose the release for their details by signalling it to CBFC. Similarly, users have a granting and rectification access on their data, according to the January 6th 1978 law.
If need be, automatic processing of information including the management of website user’s email addresses, will be registered to the CNIL (French National Agency regulating Data Protection).

Archiving storage – Proofs

CBFC will archive the order forms and sales tickets on a reliable and durable backup media constituting an exact copy as requested by the article 1348 of the civil code. CBFC’s computerised records will be considered as a proof of the communications, orders, payments and transactions intervened between the two parties.

Conciliation & dispute

In the case of a disagreement between CBFC and the purchaser, the more diligent party sends, before any court of law, a letter of formal notice including the grievances reproached to the other party.
Failing to attempt at reconciliation within 15 days after the date the letter of formal notice has been written or in case it fails, the more diligent party will have to notify in writing to the other party, before any court of law, the end of the conciliation period.
Failing to come to reconciliation, any dispute concerning the interpretation, the execution or the break of a contract between CBFC and the purchaser will be under the exclusive jurisdiction of the French court.

Applicable law & competent jurisdiction

These terms and conditions as well as the sales of CBFC products are subject to the French law.

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