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Jamal Paris

Jamal Paris Philosophy

We created Jamal Paris in 2007 upon common values of respect of:
-    Men and Women in their diversity
-    The beyond beautiful nature, an endless source of inspiration
-    The freedom to choose one’s own beauty

Driven by its openness on the world and by its strong ethical sense guiding its steps, Jamal Paris is an eco-friendly and cosmopolitan company. Our team is sensitive to our planet’s preservation and to all cultures.

The ingredients contained in our products are organic and natural. Our products are entirely manufactured in France, respecting the authentic tradition of French cosmetics.

Our calling is to offer cosmetic products suiting all the women who are mindful to preserve and sublimate their original beauty respecting their culture. Our vocation is also to provide all women a feeling of self-confidence, harmony and well-being.

A beautiful woman is self-confident and blooming in her life and in her relationship with others.

In order not to set anyone aside, we created a unique concept of health, quality and respect of the beliefs: “More transparent cosmetics sciences”.

This concept is based on a banned ingredients list we have created. Its goal is offer all women in the world a universal cosmetic products line.
As a true guarantee of security and progress, we excluded of our formulas: animal fat, alcohol, parabens, petroleum by-products, mineral oils from the petrochemical industry and silicone.

Jamal Paris wants to innovate in the respect of cultural traditions and of its ethical charter.
Jamal means “beauty” as a tribute to “the beauty in its multicultural diversity”.

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